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KRA: Not a Trend. A lifestyle.

From streets to the fashion walks of Haute Couture, streetwear is slowly dominating the fashion industry even though the meaning of the word is pretty simple. Emerging from the 70s in the streets and skater culture while hip-hop and punk bands were becoming famous in the music industry, we have seen how streetwear fashion has stayed in the game to date. And now, it’s more than just comfort and casual. Streetwear fashion allows you to be who you are and helps you create an identity while boosting your creative streak!

Streetwear fashion disrupted and democratised the whole industry unapologetically. 

And that’s the motto of KRA. 

KRA’s streetwear collection is always evolving and more than catalogues. These are fluid in general. It’s not a fashion trend but represents a larger shift that has enabled people to explore themselves while intersecting art, culture, fashion and music. KRA is slowly creating waves in the Indian fashion industry with street style clothing while giving men the power to dress comfortably and be bold and unabashed in their street style. ! 

KRA is an extension and a reflection of who you are! 

KRA was operating under the radar while curating collections and creating designs for streetwear clothing that speak up for people themselves and help them find their individuality. And now, it has come up to disrupt and create a culture sans divisions while giving men the chance to be uber-stylish while staying casual. We are here to improve and change your game with our urban clothing for men! 


The first rule of streetwear fashion for men is to look uber-cool without trying too hard. Men have limited access to avenues where they can shop to look simple and casual yet are able to stand out from the crowd. KRA has come to take your worries away while offering you street style clothing for men! 

While redefining men’s fashion outlook, we have a collection of top wear for men that is a must for anyone’s wardrobe. Whether you are a jeans-and-T-shirt guy, a punk music band love guy or a guy who loves simple T-shirts with logos and graphics, KRA has covered you all. Spun with the softest threads of pure cotton ,the  oversized t-shirts for men redefines comfort.

You can now upgrade your utilitarian basics to something so premium that it’s perfect for any occasion. 

You can go for KRA's singlets for men if you are a gym buff or someone who has an active lifestyle and loves to run and ride a bicycle. It comes with a crew neck with designs on the chest. Also, KRA never compromises with the quality. These singlets are pure 100% cotton with a thread count of 160 GSM, making them extra comfortable to wear. If you love to take a stroll in the evening, then try our Classic Navy Singlet and pair them with our premium cotton shorts for men to make it more comfortable.

If you are a graphic T-shirt guy, then our Classic Tee shirt, Monochromatic oversized print Tee, and Not Your Regular Crew Neck Olive Tee shirts are for you! You can pair them with distressed jeans or shorts, and you are ready for a beach walk! 

For casual office meetings or first dates, you can also go for our casual shirts. A Swanky Olive T-shirt is best for vacation. You can pair it up with mens joggers  or jeans. You can play with your creative streak as much as you want with KRA’s apparel! 

The world is your oyster! 

Bottom Wear

Long gone are the days when we wear only jeans and suit pants for any occasion! Let’s give it a twist with KRA. With urban clothing for men, you can be casual and comfortable at the same time. Rather than hopping for trends, we want you to choose what you like and what makes you feel comfortable. And what’s better than joggers that keep you ready for tracks, home lounges and travelling, all at the same time? 

As we slowly blur the lines of many fashion conventions, we are building a new sense of fashion that is more than a fad but a lifestyle. When you are choosing casual bottom-wear, go for loose, not oversized! Choose a silhouette that speaks comfort rather than a figure-hugging tailor-made outlook. 

If you are someone who is always on the move, then KRA’s The GOAT Straight Fit Black Denim Jeans are perfect for you! If you need to laze around on the weekend or run for an errand, you can make yourself look upbeat with just Summer Essential Olive Woven Shorts. Did you miss your alarm and now need to look presentable for a 10 a.m meeting in two minutes? Pair these shorts with our The Vacationer's White Printed Shirt With Pockets. Are you planning to trek or walk on a new trail? Pack The Skateboarder Regular Fit Jogger now. You won’t complain about how these super comfortable and stretchy joggers make you walk and run so effortlessly! Do you have plans to hit the new pub with your friend? KRA's Classic Slim Fit Smart Pants are your go-to pants while pairing them with graphic T-shirts and denim jackets for men . Throw in your best pair of shades, like aviators, and you are so street-ready! 

Comfort is the priority, and that’s what KRA is redefining! Woven with the finest fabric,KRA’s cargo pants for men will  most definitely Increase your streetwear style factor. These cargo pants  are made to be easygoing and provide comfort all day long


As the streetwear rage’s tendrils slowly creep into every corner of the menswear, we can’t deny how we can adapt our looks with our streetwear for every occasion. It’s time to revamp your wardrobe and cultivate a style that not only means business and puts you in a position of power but also screams how comfortable you are in who you are. KRA's outerwear is perfect for these occasions, whether on the office boardroom table or on the top of the mountains. You can pair a Classic Printed Overdyed Sweatshirt with KRA’s topwear like Vacation white shirt. Or you can wear The Extra Comfy Olive Hoodie Sweatshirt with a pair of hip-hop joggers, beige boots and a pair of shades. And voila! You are ready to pose on the top of a mountain! Or on the street! 

You can also try our Shackets for men  and layer them with scarfs, KRA’s T-shirts and joggers! Shackets are perfect for an evening stroll. These are slowly becoming fan favourites and we are all here to hype the rage! You can look super cool and ready to go by simply donning a shacket or an oversized hoodie for men for either a music festival or to go to a movie with your friends. They are versatile and make you look uber-cool in just minutes. 

And that’s how you become #krasified!

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