9 Secrets to achieve the most desired street style vibe

9 Secrets to achieve the most desired street style vibe

“Swag is equal parts comfort

And style 

With a splash of quirk.”

In recent times, fashion has undergone a significant facelift. A few years or maybe a decade ago, dressing up was all about formal wear. But more recently, dressing down has become the order of the day. Trendy, casual and comfortable dressing styles have significantly overtaken the contemporary fashion scene. We are far more keen on being original and uncommon than just an imprint of what is trending. Streetwear clothing taps into this phenomenon and marries comfort with style and trends  which are unconventional. 

This particular sense of dressing has just got its foot in the door in the Indian fashion industry but has been making ripples in the west for over three decades. 

KRA feat. Be YouNick is an exclusive streetwear brand that celebrates the streets. The product range at KRA is dedicated to all the fragments of street culture, including street graffiti, hip hop, street football and much more. It personifies the personal styling choices of Be YouNick, who is very passionate about bringing the exquisiteness and appeal of streetwear fashion to the GenZ. 

Let us try to understand the nitty-gritty of streetwear clothing in a better way. 

What is Streetwear Clothing?

Streetwear clothing is all about comfort and ownership in terms of one's personal style. 

The best part about this particular clothing style is that you can find a reflection of your vibe in the outfit and style it to be as wild or as coy as you like. Having said that, let us try to unravel some secrets that can make urban men’s clothing full of street swag and style.

1.Look Effortlessly Dressed 

The biggest takeaway from streetwear outfits is their immense sense of ease and comfort. While dressing up, men need to ensure that every aspect of their outfit should ooze an aura of ease instead of looking too contrived or put together. KRA has curated an outstanding collection of top, bottom, and outerwear dedicated to the tenets of streetwear fashion. You can choose from many options, from minimalist to bolder designs.

As it takes inspiration from hip-hop culture and skater style, streetwear clothing is a purview of one’s unique personality instead of a replica of someone else’s style. 

2.Choose statement pieces 

Another important secret for nailing that street-style swag is to go for statement pieces. KRA has a fascinating collection of singlets, graphic tees, joggers, shorts and denim jackets that are bound to make you stand out. You can mix and match your outfit depending on your mood, how you feel, and your day's order.



3.Let your clothes personify ‘You’

Another aspect that one needs to take care of while choosing the attire is to ensure that you feel confident and comfortable with what you wear. The whole idea of streetwear fashion is anchored on the concepts of ambition and growth. It signifies an independent, unhinged and uncompromised approach of the wearer. The choice of attire should signify an effortless approach instead of a meticulous one. Just like hip-hop clothing, streetwear fashion should also convey confidence. Confidence is always the key! 

4.Elevate the appeal of your outfits 

The key to nailing the coveted streetwear fashion is to always dress up with a signature appeal. Your signature appeal personifies your vibe. It means that your choice of clothing should be an extension of your personality. For instance, you can style KRA’s ‘the vacationers white printed shirt with pockets’ with the ‘ultimate drip super comfy cargo pants’ in various colour options.

5.Never confuse comfort with clumsy 

Always remember to never walk past the thin line between comfortable and clumsy clothing. With so many trends crowding the fashion scene, it is easy to lose one’s way and approach a rather clumsy way of dressing. Comfort clothing doesn’t always require walking around in your track pants the whole day. KRA has an extensive selection range of smart yet casual lounge shorts, cargo pants, denim and smart pants. The product range has something for every occasion.

6.Buy Baggy 

Baggy clothes are quintessential when it comes to  streetwear fashion. Loose clothing can give a very laid-back appeal to your outfit, and therefore it looks more comfortable. You can pair KRA’s dope drop shoulder grey tee with chest pockets with denim to complete your look. 

7.Attention to footwear 

When discussing men's urban fashion, we must discuss appropriate footwear. When we are on the topic of nailing streetwear fashion, we cannot forget the importance of footwear. Always remember that sneakers are your go-to answer for almost everything. Never opt for sandals if you are out for a formal, semi-formal or even a friendly outing. Pair up your joggers or cargos with sneakers, and you are good to go. 

8.Don’t be a slave to trends. 

 One need to try and cultivate their style statement and choose clothing that adheres to their own style instead of going out of their way to ape someone else’s fashion sense. Remember, finding comfort in flaunting your individuality with style and grace is important. 

The essence of streetwear fashion is to denote that the wearer is ambitious, a go-getter, yet sorted enough not to be confused, clumsy or all over the place. To get that street style swag on point, you must always make sure that you exude confidence with your choice of clothing. Never spend money, time or energy to belong or be part of a herd. H Also, standing out doesn’t mean you need to wear something bizarre to draw attention. KRA is all about being original, uncensored and unapologetic. 

So guys, keep it simple, fresh, stylish, and full of swag.