An Ultimate Style Guide for Men's Loungewear

An Ultimate Style Guide for Men's Loungewear

Every occasion calls for celebration, and with celebration, fashion and its trend play a tremendously huge role. Whether you are going for a casual outing, a date, or a simple get-together, what you wear and how elegantly you carry that outfit matters the most. While some men spend a lot of money on classy upper wear, we all know someone who always opts for the same pair of jeans for every occasion. 

This is due to the fact that the rate of fashion change makes it difficult to replace your wardrobe frequently to keep up with trends. There are, however, a few timeless items that may be worn and dressed in various ways. This maintains your fashion game strong while simultaneously saving money. Listed below in this blog are some bottom wear ideas for men. 

There has been an incredible evolution of men’s bottom wear over the course of some decades. From skinny jeans to joggers, we have come a long way. With time, the 1990's contemporary styles developed into even more upscale fashion options in the new millennium. 

Trends and styles of bottom wear in the fashion industry

Bottom wear has seen a great evolution in recent times. To be updated with the trends and purchase the best loungewear for you, we’ve listed bottom wear that is in trend and has a comfortable style. 

Jogger pants 

One such stylish item of clothing that every man should own is a pair of jogger pants. These are as elegant as chinos and as cozy as sweatpants. Denim materials are also offered for these. Chinos are the ideal bottom garment for you if your style leans toward comfort while yet being fashionable. 


Sweatpants are quite comfortable. They make the ideal gym attire because they are the greatest for performing any physical activity. Sweatpants keep your body warm and owing to the easy fitness, they may hasten the process of warming up your muscles. Warm muscles are considerably safer to work out than cold ones. Therefore, if you tend to forgo warm-up exercises, sweatpants may theoretically help you lower your risk of injury. For those who are active, these are essential.

Cargo pants 

Do you enjoy having multiple pockets in your pants? The ideal bottom for you to wear is cargo pants. They are attractive, cosy, and lightweight. The camouflage print is the most popular style of cargo pants, which have made a more stylish comeback than in the 1990s. Not filling the pockets to the brim but leaving them empty is the secret to appearing cool in cargo. Wear these stunning pieces with sweatshirts or plain t-shirts and jackets.


Chino cloth is used to make chinos. Compared to jeans, these are comfier. There is a large selection of colours available. If you're headed to a formal event, consider wearing anything in black, blue, or charcoal. When you're just lounging, choose colours like burgundy, ivory, green, or even pink. A pair of chino pants are a man's go-to attire for every occasion because they always fit well. Chinos provide a cool alternative to suit pants on hot days without making you appear overly casual.


If you want to make an absolute fashion statement for any occasion, the perfect cotton shorts are your go-to option. Be it any occasion, an outing, a date, a casual meetup or just a family get-together, shorts when worn with other styling options could possibly be your best purchase. 

8 ways of Styling different bottom wear

Bottom wear when coupled with some great styling trends could make an unforgettable outfit. Everyone’s eyes would be glued on you and they will consider you a connoisseur of fashion. If you are seeking this, then this section is meant for you. 

Denim jacket with cargo pants

Military jackets look great with cargo pants. However, donning a military jacket with baggage will simply suggest that you have returned from a mission. So choose a denim jacket in its place.

Wear boots for hiking with these. In the summer, pants can also be paired with an oversized T-shirt and white sneakers.

Joggers with T-shirts or hoodies 

Despite not being considered formal attire, joggers can be dressed up or down to match various dress codes and situations. Naturally, wearing joggers casually is the preferred style. This can be done by wearing them with other casual clothing, including hoodies or a chest print T-shirt. With the ability to dress up or down with accessories like a dress shirt or jacket, joggers may also be transformed to seem smart and casual.

Joggers and bomber jackets

A must-have for your wardrobe, the reversible bomber jacket is one of the most popular jacket designs sweeping the streets. Additionally, it's the perfect jacket to put on while jogging. Your fashionable pants will look even better thanks to its cropped length and athleisure-inspired relaxed feel.

Shirt and chinos

Outside of formal businesses like banking, consulting, and law, a chino and shirt combo is a great choice for many offices.

Wearing a shirt and chinos is a casual yet still somewhat professional approach to go about your business. The casual appearance makes you appear approachable and is perfect for teamwork settings.

Chinos and a t-shirt

A grey or navy t-shirt, white leather sneakers, and chinos go great together. Avoid wearing dress shoes like monk straps or other formal footwear with a t-shirt and chinos.

As your t-shirt suggests a relaxed style, you should dress down your footwear as well. Stick to sneakers or boat shoes. You can choose bolder chino with casual t-shirt outfits. A lovely, rustic orange or blue is something I like.

Joggers and denim jackets

An excellent outerwear option for joggers is a denim jacket. The comfortable yet fashionable piece can complete your look and produce a cool weekend appearance. A denim jacket and joggers are a terrific outfit choice if you want to add additional structure.

Shorts and shirts 

Shorts and half sleeves shirts are becoming a new buzz in the field of fashion. It gives a casual as well as a sporty look that pairs well with sneakers. Anything looks good on shorts as long as it is styled well with great colour combinations. 

Shorts and an oversized t-shirt 

Oversized t-shirts when paired with great fitted shorts could amplify the casual wear that you might be seeking. Casual wear ideas for men are in abundance in the fashion market but one of which is this, oversized t-shirt and shorts. 

This must have given you a clear view of why selecting great, stylish, and relevant bottom wear is so essential to elevate the looks. Upper wear is mainly what we throw most of our light on. However, Bottoms are just as significant as the upper wear since it is the first thing that captures the eyes of the viewer. To put up a great impression whether you are in a meeting, an interview, or on a date, bottom wears are the first thing you should invest in. 

Bottom wear has undergone a sartorial makeover and is now found in both formal and casual ensembles. Today's options for adaptable bottom clothing not only exceed your expectations in terms of comfort, but you'll also find yourself dressing them up all year long like a fashionista. Therefore, these cool bottom wear combination suggestions will be of great assistance to you on the majority of days, whether you are a college student, an intern, or a working professional. 


Is wearing a lower normal on a coffee date?

Yes, wearing a stylish lower bottom is l a perfect choice to make yourself comfortable as well as to impress your date. Make sure you don’t pick a lousy lower bottom though.

What are some amazing bottom wear I can pick for casual wear?

Joggers, cargos, and shorts could act as your go-to casual bottom wear.

Is it ok to wear cargo pants in offices?

As long as you style your cargos in formal wear, it should be fine to wear it in the office.

Which one is more comfortable? Cargo or a jogger?

It depends on the style and the person wearing it. For some, excess pockets may seem uncomfortable, therefore wearing cargos may seem like a task. Joggers are also a good fashion choice to opt for. 

What kind of pants are in style in 2022 and beyond?

History is repeating itself in contemporary style in the fashion industry. Cargos and joggers, therefore, are in style in 2022.