Men’s Streetwear Fashion Guide

Men’s Streetwear Fashion Guide

From being a favourite among just rappers and skaters to being one of the most influential fashion movements, Streetwear has made a huge leap over the past few years. Not only does streetwear attract teens and young adults, but today this style also attracts high-end fashion crowds, creating a growing industry along with established brands such as Louis Vuitton, Gucci, and Balenciaga. The athleisure streetwear trend has profoundly affected luxury fashion, driven by modern, wealthy consumers' desires to balance comfort with style. 

Streetwear is such a vast and diverse category of clothes that it can sometimes be challenging to figure out just what qualifies as street style. Streetwear does not have many rules about how it should be worn, so it is a very accessible style. Mastering the style of streetwear does not happen overnight, but by following our tips, you will have an easier time developing your sense of style. Here’s a guide on how you can ace the streetwear style. 

Firstly, what is streetwear fashion?

Streetwear is a fashion style which incorporates bits and pieces from other styles, such as athletic wear, hip-hop, punk, and Japanese street fashion. Streetwear has the widest variety of fashion styles worn by men and women year-round. Streetwear is one of the fastest growing and strongest areas in fashion. We have seen a monumental transformation in streetwear culture in the past few years.    


The idea for streetwear stemmed from the need for wearable, relaxed-fitting clothes. The term streetwear refers to the distinct street style of fashion that has roots in California and skate culture, but it also incorporates elements from hip-hop fashion, contemporary high fashion, and haute couture. During recent seasons, streetwear has successfully moved to the upper echelons of fashion, becoming a retail powerhouse worth keeping an eye on. 

Streetwear essentials

Streetwear retains its power by merging original codes from luxury fashion into something new. Men's streetwear, specifically, has taken the fashion world by storm, and if you are looking to create a men's streetwear wardrobe, you could be forgiven for thinking it is an easy task. Before diving into ways to fit in with the male street style, let us look at some essential streetwear styling items. 

  1. Top wear: Your choice of Topwear can range from basic plain T-shirts to ones with graphic content. You can also pair singlets with a pair of baggy jeans. 
  2. Hoodies & Sweatshirts are the most basic and go-to streetwear clothes that you can opt for. Also, not forgetting, these are super comfortable and can help you achieve an effortless streetwear style look. 
  3. Bottoms- Streetwear fashion isn’t just about baggy pants. You can always go for Cargos, joggers, shorts, or denim - anything that suits your personality.

     4Outwear- Experiment with outwear and showcase your layering skills. An oversized jacket or a simple shacket can be a great way to display your creative side.

    5. Oversized/drop shoulder Tees & Hoodies- Oversized clothes are one of the distinctive features of streetwear. 

How to master Streetwear Style

In the most basic terms, streetwear is the everyday, stylish clothes you wear, well, out and about. Men's street style is about trends and fashions of actual people - their interests or subcultures.  If you go for a stylish streetwear look, you will want to strike a balance between high-fashion and casual, wearing transparent colours with tailored silhouettes, but do not overdo it on accessories or things that draw attention. Your best option for creating a perfect streetwear ensemble is wearing clothes with looser silhouettes rather than accessorising with everyday clothes that constrict your form.    

Add layers to your style

The urban streetwear look does not need to be athletic, nor does it need to be hip-hop-inspired. Layering adds a new dimension to your style. From parkas to aviator jackets, cargo pants, to sweatshirts, there is an enormous selection of styles for adding a few extra staples of streetwear into your wardrobe.

Choose original and quality clothing

Streetwear fashion has moved from skateboarders to a fashion movement. Streetwear fashion may be a casual style, but it regards quality over anything.  This does not always mean going for the highest-end fabrics but investing in something versatile, wearable, and long-lasting (respecting streetwear street-based origins, like they are). Your clothing should be a statement of who you are! 

Choose matching pair options, choose the best sneakers

One prominent piece in every outfit is the choice of your streetwear sneakers and how they match up to the rest of your attire. Surprisingly, the sneakers you choose have a huge role in complementing the entire outfit in streetwear. Many styles help you complement any streetwear outfit that comes to mind. The available streetwear-ready sneakers include classic white sneakers which go with just about every outfit, tall ones which ooze urban vibes, and retro-styled sneakers which are homages to decades which brought streetwear into the mainstream.

Accessorise with caps, belt, sunglasses, logo etc

Remember, streetwear is all about breaking the rules and bending your style sensibilities, so you can take your choice of the belt--or any accessory, for that matter--in any direction you like.  You can find people of all ages in all places wearing streetwear. Of course, streetwear is about labels, and you cannot go wrong when rocking a top that features the logos of your favourite brands, but do not be shy if you like some quirky, non-brand styles, too.

Choose Oversized, but in moderation 

While oversized clothes may be the hallmark of streetwear fashion, you should be conscious that you don’t succumb to the go over the top with oversized clothes. Instead, try to find the perfect balance between the 

Staying yourself and feeling comfortable in what you wear

Streetstyle and the streetwear culture are centred around being more comfortable in everyday attire choices, which allows it to be approachable for everyone. Streetwear has been about being comfortable. The streetwear urban look draws heavily on the individuality and personal style of the individual wearing it yet is done so in an effortless, relaxed manner. So feel free to experiment! 

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  • What makes streetwear unique?

Streetwear styles can provide confidence when done well and combined with various accessories like a proper pair of shoes and an adorable pair of sunglasses.   

  • Who is the target audience for streetwear?

Streetwear is trendy among young adults. Usually, the target audience should be teenagers and adults under 25. 

  • How do I start dressing more in streetwear?

The best way to start dressing more in streetwear is to adapt to a smart casual way of clothing to create an overall polished but refined look. 

  • How can you style jeans in streetwear? 

There are multiple ways in which you can style your jeans in streetwear. You can either opt for oversized jeans that go with block print tees, hoodies, or singlets, or you can opt for long tops and skinny bottoms. 

  • What is popular in streetwear?

Today, streetwear has a layered identity, mixing casual looks, casual clothing, and usually luxuries combined with exclusivity.

  • What are the current street style trends for men?

Men's street style is born out of and inspired by urban living and youth culture.