The Resurgence of Cargo Pants: Ways to Style it!

The Resurgence of Cargo Pants: Ways to Style it!

Whether it’s our Instagram feed or any fashion blogger channel, we are seeing a sudden resurgence of a certain androgynous military trousers, which we call Cargo pants! There are many types of cargo pants, but the main structure of the pants has taken inspiration from the military dresses of the 1960s and they eventually became immensely popular for their baggy appearance. The three factors we easily associate with cargo pants are: loose fit; khaki colour palette and a big drawstring at the waist! And this was a staple wardrobe for millennials from the 1900s to the 2000s. This also became a cultural sign of the west when hip-hop and rock band singers like Queens, Avril, Eminem, Akon, Tupac and many more started to fashion these cargo pants in their famous music. Celebrities were captured wearing cargo pants for casual events as well. 

But why is it now a raging trend in the fashion industry? 

Recently, people have been opting for comfort over form. With high-end fashion brands bringing their twists to the famous utilitarian cargo pants fashion rules around the cargos are blurring, making them more diverse and inclusive. Also, cargo pants are  really comfortable and stylish for long-distance travel and trekking. Whether it’s a sports day, trekking day, or running for a board meeting, you can carry cargo pants almost anywhere. This particular streetwear style redefines the dress code, which empowers individuals to be themselves. But you need to know how to style this streetwear clothing according to each occasion. 

So, let’s see how you can style this baggy, comfortable, uber cool streetwear clothing now! 

Summer Casuals

Cargo pants are baggy, and let your legs breathe. Summer is all about sweat and heat, so you should always prefer comfortable clothes. Cargo Pants are perfect for summers. Pair them with nice colourful t-shirts.Finish your look with a pair of running shoes, sneakers or even floaters. You can wear the ensemble at casual parties or on lunch dates. They are even amazing for a sudden long-distance travelling spree! 

Pair with an Oversized T-Shirt

Now, this can be a bit tricky when we try to think of how to pair baggy t-shirts cargo pants with an oversized T-shirt, but celebrities like Justin Beiber and John Abraham have proven our  apprehension to be wrong. Tuck in one part of the shirt to one size and let the other flow normally. You can choose a plain t-shirt, printed graphic tee among others. Next, finish the look with a pair of boots! Voila! You are Red Carpet ready! 

Cargo Pants for Trekking and Hiking! 

For outdoor activities like trekking and hiking, you need clothes that don't restrict your body movements. And for hiking unknown terrains, this is something you need to prioritise before anything else. But who said you couldn’t look click-worthy while sweating and hiking the mountains? The streetwear clothes are so diverse that you can wear them everywhere without sacrificing your fashion quotient! Wear Cargo pants which have multiple pockets. Now, pair them with a graphic T-shirt or even a Shacket

Now, skip the stones of the river, hike to the new valleys, and click your pictures as you own them! Cargo Pants make your stay always fashionable and dapper! 

Chilly Weather? Wear a Pair of Cargo Pants! 

Cargo Pants are not only comfortable but are perfect for almost all kinds of weather, including the winters. Go for winter fabrics while choosing cargo pants. Now, you can pair them with a sweatshirt or a huge sweater. Try the ultimate drip olive cargo pants for the an amazing look. Avoid front-open sweaters with cargo pants! You can either pair them with sneakers or boots! 

Get your Basics right with Cargo Pants

If you ever have to make a quick run for errands, then cargo pants are best! They are a staple in your wardrobe and come in handy on those days when you do not know what to wear. You can always trust a pair of cargo pants with a colourful graphic T-Shirt or even an Open Shirt! Trust us! This basic look is perfect for events like office, casual meetings, lunch dates, etc. 

Bored with Formals? Get your Hands on Cargo Pants! 

Yes! Power suits are the epitome of a formal lookbut wearing cigarette pants and streamlined pants for consecutive days can be boring! So, add some freshness to your office look with a pair of cargo pants. Since it’s a professional setting, don’t go for flashy colours. You can choose the khaki colour palette, which is neat and uber stylish! Pair them with a crisp shirt, and finish your look with a blazer. Doesn’t that sound interesting? Try this streetwear clothing tip for your next Monday rush! 

Walk like a Celebrity! 

John Abraham, Enrique Iglesias, Sunil Shetty, etc., have proven that one can look  uber-stylish in cargo pants. Now, you can wear a skin fit  graphict-shirt with an open jacket. Or, you can wear it with a hoodie and a full sleeve t-shirt! Trust us! These streetwear looks are perfect for casual events, red carpet, and even running for errands! It's time to walk like a celebrity every day! 

Gym looks? Fist Bump with Cargo Pants! 

Cargo pants have now made a name in the athleisure department as well.  They are comfortable and let one be mobile! And you know what? You can even show off your gym looks outside the gym with a pair of cargo pants. If you love to follow an active lifestyle, cargo pants are a must-have  in your wardrobe capsule. Pair them with either singlets or sleeveless t-shirts and flex your tone muscles because you earned it! 

Cargo Pants with Denim: A Retro that is ever trendy! 

Denim Jackets were and always will be a trending fashion clothing style that goes with almost everything.  So, why not wear  them with a pair of Cargo Pants? This is the most uber streetwear look, which enhances your individuality and lets you feel empowered and good about yourself. This particular ensemble is powerful in its own way. This particular ensemble has so many historical and cultural stories that prove why, no matter what the era is, denim jackets and cargo pants will never go out of style! 


Now that you know all the reasons why Cargo Pants are a must-have wardrobe essential, go ahead and check out KRA’s amazing collection of cargo pants and start adding them to your cart now!. 

It’s time to be #KRAsified.