6 Incredible Ways to Slay Joggers

6 Incredible Ways to Slay Joggers

What are Joggers?

Joggers were originally made as a comfortable exercise gear. These fabulous athleisure-style bottom wear are lightweight, super comfortable and versatile making them great for the summer season as well as an active lifestyle. . They come with drawstrings(for comfort) and are tapered towards the ankle. 

With comfortable fashion taking the forefront in the fashion industry, cool joggers, too, have great potential as stylish and comfy bottom wear. The joggers have been dominating street style with its cool looks and practical design. If you have a great pair of joggers but don’t know cool ways to wear joggers,  we have got this covered for you. 

How can you pair up joggers?

Falling in the casual-clothing category, joggers can be paired with a number of top-wear outfits. Wear them with the right kind of formal shirt or tee and you can pass it off as a smart-casual outfit, and we will tell you how!

Best Joggers Outfit Ideas

Here are some of the coolest jogger outfits for you: 

Tees & Joggers

Joggers have been created to give a more relaxed look and hence when paired with smart tees, they complement each other really well, creating an easy-going, cool look. Of course cotton tees are the perfect summer wear. Make sure to wear a well-fitted t-shirt to give you a smart-clean look. Sum up the look with a cool pair of sneakers and you are ready to party!

Sweatshirts  & Joggers

These two are usually, everyone's go-to outfit when it comes to chilling in the house or hanging out with friends. However, we feel that with athleisure wear becoming mainstream, sweats and joggers can be worn as an everyday wear. Now to make sure you look stylish with them, pair them off with funky sneakers or army boots to give it a raw yet well composed  look. 

Hoodie-sweatshirts also are a fine addition to be paired with joggers. Amp up the street vibe of this combo by adding layers.

Polos & Joggers 

Polo shirts are known for their sporty yet formal vibe so why not pair the two together for a formel-meet-casual day look. Polo tees, like joggers, are a rather versatile outfit. It has the ability to carry out a casual, semi-formal and formal look simply by pairing with the right set of bottomwear. Don’t hesitate to play with colours or patterns when pairing the two. 

Jackets & Jogger

The track jackets are back in fashion and great to wear with your joggers. It is one of classic street style looks that never really go out of style. These two are a perfect combination outfit to run your errands in or for that coffee outing with your gang. This is a great joggers outfit idea that will make you look effortlessly cool

While track jackets are a great pairing with joggers, there are other types of jackets that will completely change the look. Style your joggers with a classic leather jacket. This is a great street meets contemporary style look that is very edgy. 

Formal Shirts & Joggers

A surprisingly stylish combination, formal shirts with joggers make for a smart-casual outfit. A nice, well-fitted dress shirt with clean cuts, makes for an alternative jogger outfit. Pair these with semi-formal slip-on loafers and you are ready for a street-meets-high end fashion look. 

Denims & Joggers

Adding a denim jacket instantly lifts the look of the outfit worn, and same is the case with joggers. Adding a denim jacket over cool joggers makes it look super cool. Wearing a denim jacket with a comfy tee and joggers gives the outfit a great structure. It is a fun weekend outfit that oozes street style anytime, anywhere. 

Style Guide for Wearing Joggers

Remember that Joggers are no-longer only made for sporting activity. They’re  versatile and  can be paired with varied outfits to achieve a cool streetwear look . Keep the following style guide in mind when you want to up your street style with these joggers. 

  • Add structure to your styled outfit by wearing well-fitted topwear
  • Make sure to keep the overall outfit vibe casual
  • Adding multiple layers adds an edge to your outfit
  • Opt for shorter style jackets such as bomber or biker jackets
  • Cool sneakers and loafers will always come in handy when styling your jogger look

Now that you have these handy style tips, get going and get yourself these trendy joggers that will up your street-style quotient.