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Shackets: A new fashion trend

With its roots in military-style shirt jackets, shackets have recently seen a rise in popularity and are considered one of the hottest trends in menswear. When it comes to basics for a man's wardrobe this season, the shacket has quickly taken the lead.

From the name, the first thought that might pop up in your mind: Is that a shirt or a jacket? You are not alone in this confusion.Let's clear this out!

It's kind of both at once, but not quite either.

Shacket combines the look of your preferred button-down shirt with a blazer. 

A shacket is suitable for all seasons because it can be worn as a lightweight outerwear in the summers or with layers throughout the winters. Men's shackets might be compared to thicker variations of the basic button-down.A shirt jacket is perfect whether you're going to work or taking your dog for a stroll around the block. Therefore, it's one of the best selections if you seek a casual but tailored piece of outerwear.

Looking to expand your shacket collection and buy shackets online? KRA's unique collection is there to help. So grab a pair of men's shackets and be ready to sport one of the hottest styles this year.

How to Wear a Shacket for Men?

Shackets, also referred to as  overshirt jackets for men, are considered to have originated in the military when soldiers wore functional shirts with features similar to those of a jacket, such as extra pockets and construction from a heavier, more durable fabric.

Following the end of the war, men's wardrobes continued to be dominated by clothing in the utilitarian style. This clothing was made of a sturdy cotton drill or flannel for cooler months and lighter cotton for hot season wear.Due to its adaptability and capacity to be worn over layers like a typical jacket, the shacket continues to hold its staple role in contemporary menswear. This piece of apparel has moved beyond its workwear and military appeal and is now a basic item for men outside of the military and blue-collar professions.(1)

With a chic street style appeal, shacket for men has found its place in many wardrobes and continues to rule the streetwear game every season. Here are some of the ways you can style your men’s shacket from KRA-

Shacket with Denim Jeans 

When taking a day off for an adventure, our Uber cool olive shacket goes well with black denim jeans and is likely the best and most appropriate look. It is simpler to adopt this appearance when you wish to wear denim jeans and a shacket. Get this Uber cool shacket online now from KRA!

Shacket with a T-shirt 

Combining a shacket for men with a t-shirt is a straightforward look that can be worn for years to come, irrespective of the season. It is appropriate to pair a plain t-shirt with the shacket if you have one in your closet. Get yourself a Uber cool black shacket online with a black print from KRA and try pairing it with black pants for a polished appearance.

Pair shackets with Chinos

No matter how old it is, a grey shacket will still be in trend for a very long time. A grey shacket would go with virtually anything. Grey denim jackets are a great choice because they go with everyone and are useful when you need to get somewhere quickly. One of the better combinations would be a white shirt and a pair of black slim-fit pants.

For  fashionable shackets online for men, check out KRA’s collection. With you wearing them to a party, luncheon, or date, you'll help yourself amp up your fashion game!

Pair it with a Sweater

Another choice is to put a cable-knit sweater under a Navy Shacket with Bellow Pockets. Consider wearing a dark Navy mens shacket over a grey sweater, for a defined look. This outfit will be elevated with sneakers and dark blue pants.

Pair it underneath an Overcoat

In chilly weather, it can be difficult to dress properly. Understanding layering is crucial. A great middle layer for winter attire is a men’s shacket. If the weather is extremely cold, you should put on a warm synthetic base layer, a crew neck pullover sweater, an overshirt jacket for men, and lastly an overcoat. Don't forget to pack a thick hat and a pair of leather gloves. 

This season buy shackets online from KRA and level up your look!

Varieties of Shackets at KRA

There is a shacket for everyone, whether you're a minimalist commuter, an avid outdoorsman, or a real lumberjack. Our recommendations for the top men's shackets are here to help you choose the correct one.

The Uber Cool Olive Shacket 

This Krá shacket has a statement back and a stylish badge on the chest. For a casually fashionable appearance, layer it with your favourite Krá pants and a white t-shirt.

The Uber-Cool Black Shacket with Black Print

Combining 97% cotton and 3% Lycra, this regular fit Uber-Cool Black Shacket with Black Print has a complete front fastening, a spread-out collar, and a cool graphic on the back. A perfect pick to go deep into streetwear fashion!

Lit Blue Long-Sleeved Jacket

Made with 100% cotton, the Lit Blue Long-Sleeved jacket has a loose cut and roomy bellow pockets that add comfort to this timeless classic piece. Make it a part of your streetwear collection this season!

The Street Savvy's Navy Shacket with Bellow Pockets 

Strut in this gorgeous shacket with a zipper and a buttoned front to increase your street cred. The broad bellow pockets are sure to lift your look.

Swaggiest Oversized Indigo Shacket 

With this long-sleeved jacket made entirely of cotton, turn on your coolest persona. Streetwear enthusiasts  shouldn't hesitate to purchase this because of its charming bellows pockets, which are both large and practical.

Where to wear shackets from?

Wearing shackets in scorching summer is not advised due to their function as coats. You can wear them when it gets cooler at night, but if you do so during the day, you'll be drenched in sweat. Shackets, on the other hand, are ideal for the spring and fall seasons when there are lots of layers to choose from and the weather is uncertain.

Let's talk about the various situations in which wearing a shacket is appropriate. They're the ideal "I can't be bothered to clean up" item, making them suitable for leisurely outings with pals or running errands. 

Everyone wants to appear cool, and the secret to doing so is to appear unconcerned with your appearance. And as per that, KRA’s shackets online are among the coolest outerwear available. 

Things to Remember while Styling Shackets 

Don't wear a shacket with business attire: 

You shouldn't attempt to include shackets into a fancy ensemble because they are loose and airy rather than formal and structured. Although, if they are well fitted and go well with your formal events, you can pull them off without any worry. 

Avoid wearing a bright undershirt: 

Wearing a bright undershirt is not advised because shackets are difficult to wear with bright undershirts. If you do decide to wear a colored bottom layer, I suggest going with a subdued shade rather than a vibrant one.(2)

Don't forget to try new looks:

While wearing a shacket, it's easy to default to jeans and a t-shirt, there are many other ways to wear them. Try something new and use your creativity to experiment! For the best deals and looks buy shackets online from KRA!

KRA: Your one-stop place for Streetwear fashion

Undoubtedly, shackets for men are emerging as a style quotient in streetwear trends while matching comfort and style altogether. You can style  men's shacket in various ways and express your individual style by accessorising them with different t-shirts and shirts. Furthermore, KRA is the place to go if you want a distinctive t-shirt to go with your shackets, from crew neck to round neck t-shirts; we have it all stocked up for you.

KRA provides men with a wide selection of topwear, outerwear, and bottom wear to style your shackets with. It enables Gen Zers to become familiar with the newest street fashion trends. 

Also, check out KRA’s unique selection of men's singlets, cotton shorts, jackets, hoodies online and shirts for men, in addition to an outstanding collection of  shackets online!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How do you style Shackets in cold weather?

To stay warm in cold weather, you can pair up  your shackets with  well-fitted jeans, long boots and a crew neck t-shirt.

Is Shacket warm?

Shackets can be a perfect layering option when the weather is cold and windy. It may not be suitable for extreme winters and is not a replacement for sweaters and winter coats and jackets. 

Can I wear a shacket over a shirt?

Shacket for men serves as the top layer of clothing, similar to a jacket. They can be worn over a sweater on chilly days or a shirt or t-shirt on warm days due to their tendency to be extremely thin.

Can I wear shackets in summer?

Although wearing a shacket in warmer weather can be challenging, you can do so in the summer. Pair shackets for men with a white t-shirt, dark chinos or jeans, and a pair of dark brown combat boots to keep things understated.

Is a shacket business casual?

A men’s shacket is essential in the "business casual" attire, just like the vest is. It is comparable to a sport coat but has a much more laid-back vibe.

How to style a hoodie with a shacket?

A hoodie worn inside a shacket for men is one of the best ways to keep you warm during winters. In addition to providing a lot of warmth, the combination is fashionable and elegant. Choose a black biker jacket and team it with a black zip-up hoodie to maintain the look's rough and edgy vibe.

Can I wear an oversize shacket?

Any ensemble benefits from an oversized shacket's glitzy addition, regardless of how you wear it. Wrap yourself in an easy-to-layer overshirt jacket for men that fits over sweaters. A shacket is an essential layer for a sweater because of its roomier fit.

Is it good to wear a shacket during workouts?

It is not advised to wear a shacket during workouts, as they are generally fit on your body, and during workouts, it may not allow ease of movement. 

What is the difference between a jacket and a shacket?

A shacket for men is a cross between a shirt and a jacket. It’s a little big and has a shirt-like appearance, but it is constructed of heavier cloth. It's also not quite a jacket, despite the fact that the thicker cloth helps to identify this article of apparel from a shirt. It will keep you warm on a chilly fall day without adding much bulk because it is thicker than an ordinary shirt and thinner than a winter jacket.

Is an overshirt the same as a shacket?

A men’s shacket tends to trend more toward the jacket end of the spectrum due to its heavier hand feel, thicker fabrics, and additional jacket-like elements. As opposed to a regular button-up shirt, an overshirt has a more relaxed fit and feels more like a shirt, allowing you to layer it over other clothing.

What bottom wear can be paired with a shacket?

A shacket for men can be best paired with chinos, jeans, joggers for men, track pants and trousers.

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