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KRA Oversized T-shirt: Your Perfect Summer Partner

With the blistering heat and rising temperatures this summer in India, dressing up and going out without succumbing to the oppressive heat may seem like a challenge. When it comes to combating the summer blues, the only alternative to mind is a soft, comfy, and essential piece of apparel. However, it may appear challenging to look attractive while remaining comfortable with such essentials. 

We at KRA bring you the unique collection of oversized T-shirts for men that manifest confidence in everyone who wears them. The adaptable, breezy, and incredibly comfy oversized T-shirt for men can be styled in various ways to elevate your style and individuality, even during hot summer waves.

The crew neck oversized T-shirt at KRA are for everyone, regardless of body shape or size. From slim-fit tee to dope drop shoulder T-shirt with chest pockets, you have a wide array of options at KRA. The snug fit of the round neckline gives the illusion of a well-rounded silhouette, which adds a unique charm to your personality.Who'd have guessed that a simple T-shirt could offer you a dramatic makeover? Let’s check out how to dress your cool oversized T-shirt in various ways:

Different Ways to Wear Your Oversized T-shirt this Summer

A t-shirt is an excellent option to keep you cool yet stylish during the hot summer season with multiple styling options—oversized T-shirts in solid colors look elegant. Almost everyone looks good in muted tones like blue, grey, or light brown. Also, if you wish to wear a T-shirt under a suit, then plain basics are your go-to partner.

Pair it with a Blue Jeans 

Baggy T-shirts for men- Always cool, always breezy, always proper! This outfit is appropriate for an afternoon in a café, a date, or a more relaxed day without compromising your style. Wear a sleeveless jacket over this tee and a pair of slim-fit bottoms to layer the look. You can match a men’s white baggy t-shirt with slim-fit blue jeans or complement accessories such as chains, a scarf, a cross-shoulder sling bag, a bandana, or a hat.

Pair it with an Elegant Trouser 

With this combo, one demonstrates restraint. You are classic and elegantly dressed for any event with a plain T-shirt and nice trousers. Yet, at the same time, the combo appears controlled and noble. Whether you choose pleated trousers or cropped trousers, you can be proud of this outfit.

Under an Unbuttoned Shirt 

Nobody, especially men, has time to think about what to wear under a white shirt in today's go-to-get-coffee scenario. The  latest trend of wearing an open shirt with a t-shirt underneath comes to the rescue to add panache to your look. In combination with jeans or chinos, wear a well-fitted t-shirt  under an open shirt. This look will make you look impeccably dressed.

Under a Blazer 

Replace your shirt with a cool t-shirt to give your most sophisticated casual workplace outfit a breath of fresh air and try something different. Grab a t-shirt and pair it with a jacket to add a casual touch to your work outfit. This gives you a modern choice that is contemporary and acceptable at workplaces. You can look sophisticated or sporty depending on the blazer you choose. The sole stipulation is that the t-shirt’s neck must be spherical!

As a Loungewear 

Finally, it's the weekend, so it's time to put on some comfy clothes. There isn't much more attractive or comfortable than an oversized T-Shirt for men. It's best if it's made of 100% cotton, as it's gentle on the skin and doesn't obstruct any relaxing movements. The t-shirt is ideal for relaxing hours at home when paired with sports pants or joggers.

Varieties of Oversized T-shirts at KRA

The fast-paced world of  fashion and trends not only provides limitless options but also raises questions. And the t-shirt collection at KRA is the simple answer to this question, "What should I wear today?" From hip-hop T-shirts to up your style game to swag-rich baggy T-shirts for men, KRA has an unabashed collection of topwear for you to choose from, have a look!

Oversized T-shirts

Oversized T-shirts for men from KRA are a must-have in everyone's streetwear collection. Made from 100% cotton and with an amazingly soft touch, the tee redefines comfort. Available in various colors and prints, this crew neck oversized T-shirt for men comes with the KRA logo printed either on the chest or back. So what are you waiting for? Grab one of the coolest- The Subtle Lover’s Oversized Olive Print Tee. 

Baggy T-shirts

Nail the streetwear essence in style with Baggy T-shirts for Men’s from KRA. These tees come with Kangaroo Pockets and placement drip in red and navy blue colors. Whether they are tucked into trousers or worn over shorts, baggy T-shirts make a versatile collection for your streetwear toggery. Make your comfort the priority with KRA’s pure cotton round neck Minimalist’s Baggy T-shirts for men

Slim-fit T-shirts

There isn't a single wardrobe that doesn't have at least one slim-fit tee in it. They make up for every occasion with unique prints and cool colors, be it formal or casual. Bam! You're gonna kill every look with KRA’s effortlessly cool and supersoft Slim-fit T-shirts. 

Drop Shoulder T-shirts

They're ideal for a virtual date or an evening stroll to help free your head. KRA’s Drop Shoulder T-shirt comes with a unique dash of two-sided pockets, short sleeves, and a ribbed crew neckline. If you want to amp up your style quotient, all you need is a fashionable drop shoulder T-Shirt to complete the appearance.

Why Choose this is KRA for your Fashion Needs

KRA is a popular men’s streetwear clothing company. Our Chief Creative Officer, Be YouNick, is known for his upbeat street fashion and embodies our idea of living the street life. His innovative technique of generating daily vlogs and comedy sketches has made him the most recognizable face in the digital space and his love for street culture brought KRA out of the shadows in India. .

KRA offers a comfortable, contemporary, and minimalist selection of outerwear, topwear, and bottom wear. The brand is aimed at the GenZ audience, who are at the exploratory stage of their lives and associate with brands that stand for a purpose they can relate with.

Along with a cool collection of oversized t-shirts for men in India, KRA offers a wide array of cotton shorts, hip hop clothing, joggers, oversized hoodies, singlets for men, etc. 

KRA isn't just about fashion; it's more than that. KRA is about being a part of a community that brings the streets to life. For KRA, it's more about supporting a community with whom we all have a profound relationship, whether we realise it or not.


 How are KRA oversized t-shirts different from others?

Designed keeping in mind the latest streetwear trends, KRA oversized  T-shirts are made from 100% cotton,  to make you feel comfortable all day long. The style and patterns help in boosting confidence every time you wear them.

Why are oversized t-shirts best to wear in summer?

It makes no sense to wear uncomfortable clothing throughout the summer when you are already uncomfortable due to the excessive weather and heat. Oversized  T-shirts are generally more relaxing and comfortable than other summer clothing. You can pick the ones made of cotton for ultimate comfort.

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