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KRA shorts - Your Partner for Summer

KRA is known for its unrestricted and unabashed fashion. This summer season, you must get your hands on the summer essential woven shorts from KRA for ultimate comfort. The perfect blend of fabrics such as cotton and lycra ensures you the ease of movement, durability, and comfort. 

With pockets on both sides and back and a contrasting waistband on the inside, KRA’s cotton shorts are a must-have in your wardrobe. Shorts are perfect for your work-from-home situation as well. Level up your comfort game during the work calls by pairing cotton shorts with a formal half-sleeved shirt. Whether you are planning a lazy day in bed or need to run for an errand, the navy blue and olive woven shorts are the best picks!

Shopping for shorts for men online has become easy with KRA’s smooth browsing experience and hassle-free delivery with the option of Cash on Delivery. So, what are you waiting for? 

Ways to style your shorts this summer

It’s that time of year again when you chuck off your sweaters to one corner of your closet and replace them with breezy cotton shorts and tees. And why not? They’re trendy, stylish, and scream summer. 

Men do not have to limit themselves to t-shirts and denim for trendy summer ensembles. With KRA’s all original collection of shorts for men online, you may tone it down or dress it up depending on the look you want. The key USP of wearing cotton shorts for men is not only the aesthetics but also the comfort. 

Men’s summer shorts make excellent loungewear. They can be worn with any type of casual top, such as a singlet for men, oversized print tee, drop shoulder points, jackets, crew neck t-shirts, round necks, or polo tees. This outfit is best complemented by casual footwear. However, with so many alternatives, you may scratch your head which would pair the best with what, especially when wearing shorts for summers

If you’re going on a trip, consider wearing cotton shorts for men and a t-shirt to create an effortless look while feeling at ease. If you’re working on Sunday or heading out for a brunch, pair the same shorts with a formal shirt for a cool semi-formal style. Here are a few styling techniques to help you stand out:

  • Co-ord sets are hot after a few celebrities adopted it as their airport look. Go ahead and try one for yourself, depending on your preference of colors. Few co-ord sets can be made with men’s hoodie to give it a unique vibe, which will undoubtedly help you stand out among the crowd.
  • We are at the peak of summer, and the weather shouts pastel colors. You should never be afraid to experiment with colors because they add funky diversity to your appearance. You can try pastels this season and pair pastel-colored t-shirts with essential summer navy woven shorts, or can even try to style up your look with a variety of prints; match one to your mood.
  • This is an obvious choice. You can always style men’s summer shorts with a plain t-shirt or polo, but a short-sleeve button-up shirt makes you look more put together with no effort.

This is KRA for all your street fashion needs

KRA is a popular men’s streetwear clothing company. Our Chief Creative Officer, Be YouNick, is known for his upbeat street fashion and embodies our idea of living the street life. His innovative technique of generating daily vlogs and comedy sketches has made him the most recognizable face in the digital space and his love for street culture brought KRA out of the shadows in India. .

KRA offers a comfortable, contemporary, and minimalist selection of outerwear, topwear, and bottom wear. The brand is aimed at the GenZ audience, who are at the exploratory stage of their lives and associate with brands that stand for a purpose they can relate with. Buy the best quality shorts for men online from KRA and style up your look!

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What should be the maximum length of shorts?

Shorts should never reach past the knee. The absolute maximum length should be approximately the top of the kneecap, with the optimal shorts length being one inch above the kneecap. Shorter than this may also not suit you well.

How can I style these woven shorts?

The navy blue and olive green summer essential woven shorts look great with half-sleeved shirts and button tuck shirts. Do not forget to put on sneakers and desert boots for a relaxed look! When in doubt, classic plain t-shirts and polos can always do the magic!

Why are cotton shorts best to wear in summer?

Cotton shorts are the go-to attire for hot summer days, keeping your legs free of obstructive clothing that doesn’t allow air circulation. You can wear cotton shorts with shirts and t-shirts for a sophisticated casual style or a lounging-at-home look. Woven shorts will have a clean appearance that is both classic and sophisticated.

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