Clothes to Pack For your Hill Station Vacation  this Summer

Clothes to Pack For your Hill Station Vacation this Summer

Summers are here much and with much more heat that we anticipated! ! And we have started to complain our hearts out about the heat waves (While singing “Heat waves have been faking me out!”) while sipping on Aam Panna, confined in our rooms setting the Air Conditioner as low as possible!  But if you are a travel bug, staying inside the room the whole day would sound like a punishment to you! 

So, be honest with us! How many of you have already searched for Hill Stations that you can visit for a  weekend getaway, or even, a workcation  this summer? 

Well, we know that you are guilty as charged! We all crave to be in the green valleys of mighty mountains,  witness beautiful spectacular sunrises and get the chance to breathe in the fresh, chilled air, while listening to the murmurs of wilderness, away from the cacophony of the cities! But before you start planning for your summer sojourn to escape from the nightmares of the scorching heat, you need to pack your travel bag! Travelling is a memorable journey, but without the right materials in your travel bag, it might be a nightmare, which you need to avoid! 

Also, who doesn’t want to click instagrammable pictures while playing with the snow, dipping in the mountain river with your friends, or trekking? So, you need your best fashion game which not only makes you look  great but keeps you comfortable ! 

Tips for Packing A Light Travel Bag 

Well, if you are planning to travel to a hill station for a summer sojourn, then you need to understand that packing your travel bag the right way is essential. So, there are some tips that you  can follow to keep your travel bag light but full of essential items and clothes that keep you always ready to move! 

  1. While travelling to a hill station, you can’t afford to carry more than one bag. So, ensure that your bag is multi-utilitarian. It should have enough pockets to carry your clothes, gadgets, water bottles and shoes! 
  2. Well, we can never guess what would happen in the future, including unfortunate incidents, especially when you are travelling to hilly stations. So, you must carry First-Aid kit materials. But that doesn’t mean that you will carry your huge box of home First-Aid kits in your bag. Remember, your goal is to pack a light travel bag! So, carry some medicines if you have altitude sickness, simple fever, or cough. Do not forget to take some bandaids. You may suffer from bruising, especially if you plan to hike. 
  3. Do not carry packed food and snacks. It would take space and increase the weight of your bag. Instead, try the local cuisines for a change. It would not only decrease the waste but also, make your bag light. 
  4. Packing the right pair of clothes is the most important thing for travelling to hill stations! If not done properly, this can ruin your whole vacation. Also, keep in mind that you can’t carry  too many clothes even if you are planning to stay for a long time. And you don’t want to look like a simpleton in your pictures, you need to be on top of your fashion game while choosing clothes for your summer trip. 

Let’s see what you need to shop for that  would fit perfectly for a memorable hill station vacation this summer. 

Which clothes can you go for?

You may be confused about what kind of clothes you need to pack given that you are currently sweating due to the summer climate  at your place. So, you may feel like choosing  light breezy clothes! But that can be a nightmare when you start to ascend higher altitudes. The climate of hilly areas is chilly, especially at night when the temperature drops to 8℃-9℃. So, your normal cotton clothes won’t be perfect for your hill station vacation! Also, you can’t carry so many clothes in your bag. That’s a big Nay Nay! 

So, you need to shop for clothes that you can wear on any occasion, especially streetwear that looks classy and rusty! Also, the fabric should be good enough to withstand the chilly weather. Also, rather than wearing a single piece of clothing, you can opt for layering. So, you can add more layers of clothes or reduce them according to the altitude and weather. 

You need clothes that represent your inner travelling spirit which would also be paired with other clothes! This is a MUST! And KRA has a lot to offer you which is designed to suit you travel needs.  

Get KRAsified now! 


Well, the first and foremost clothing piece you need is a jogger! You need to keep in mind that your clothes should be comfortable and breathable! Whether you are hiking or just chilling in the mountains, joggers are perfect for any of the events! 

KRA’s Carrot Fit Joggers are stylish which would give you an edgy look and be comfortable at the same time! The colour combination and the design style screams  street culture and fashion! 


A trip without a Hoodie is unimaginable! If you are travelling to Hill Stations, you need to pack KRA’s hoodies in your backpack! Even in the summer, you may experience a sudden drop in temperature, so it’s quite cold in the early morning and at night! Well, wear a hoodie as a layer and voila! Layer it up with some warmer and you’re done.

Slim Fit Tee!

Slim Fit T-Shirts are a must in your bag! You need comfortable clothes which are fashionable and make you feel uber cool ! Check out KRA’s Slim Fit Tees that you can easily ensemble with either joggers or pants or even layers with scarfs and jackets! 

Denim Jacket! 

The Classic Denim Jacket can never go out of style, ever and is loved by everyone! No matter what you wear, a Denim Jacket just adds the oomph character to your whole outfit and makes it look classy and gives you an edge! For hill stations, you can get a Denim Jacket which would even help you stay warm in the chilly climate of hill stations. Layer it with a warmer and a scarf and you’re ready to go! 


Well, Shacket is the newest edition of street fashion in the industry! So, this is   a mix of a shirt and a jacket! KRA’s Shacket collections are unique and fashionable that you can layer with your T-Shirts! 


If you plan to hike or trek during the summer season, then pack a pair of shorts! You need to be comfortable when you have to hike for long stretches while covering higher altitudes. You may feel hot when wearing full pants, so check out KRA’s collection of shorts

Other than outfits, what else to pack? 

Well, you have already packed your clothes! But you are still not done! To complete any outfit you need something more! 


Even if the climate is chilly in the Hilly Areas, you still would be exposed to the glare of the sun more so, in the higher altitudes! Also, your eyes may become watery or dry, when there will be pressure and climate change. So, a good pair of sunglasses is a must! ravelling without sunglasses is a sin, especially if you are planning for a summer sojourn to a hill station! 


Well, we can’t stress enough about the importance of the right shoes while travelling! You need shoes which are comfortable, rugged and have a good grip. In hill areas, you often would have to travel on rough terrains, and if your shoes are not good, you may injure yourself. Also, you need to walk a lot, so your shoes should have a comfortable sole inside so that your feet don’t hurt in pain. 


Well, scarves look so good on men! It would complete your whole look for the day and keep you warm in the chilly weather! So, get a scarf which is in a neutral colour so that it pairs with any outfit! 


Now, start packing your bags and run for the snow-capped mountains! Pack properly and you will be fine throughout the trip! Get your camera and  be ready to click those lush valleys and rivers flowing across the meadows! Check out KRA’s official website and start to add your clothes for the trip to the cart now! 

Have a happy and safe journey!