Different Ways To Slay Your Oversized T-Shirts!

Different Ways To Slay Your Oversized T-Shirts!

For men and women alike, t-shirts are a wardrobe staple. The comfiest to wear are always top priorities on the shopping list. You can wear them on almost every occasion, from casual meetings to hangouts. That being said, one of the most comfortable and trendiest apparel for men is oversized T-shirts. 

An oversized t-shirt for men means a stylish and comfortable look. The loose fit on the body allows the body to breathe, making it the perfect option for warm weather! And today, oversized tees not only bring more trends to streetwear but also add to the fashion runways that are keen on showcasing baggy clothes. 

But knowing how to wear an oversized T-shirt the right way has become essential in the current times. We all want to stand out, but we better make sure it's in a good way! 

What is an oversized t-shirt or drop-shoulder t-shirt?

The oversized t-shirt for men is just a few sizes bigger than a regular t-shirt, which makes them comfortable and can be worn anytime, anywhere without compromising your style.

Drop-shoulder T-shirt signifies that the seam line will hang down from the shoulders to form a sleeve. You must have noticed that in fitted shirts, sleeves start with shoulder seams, whereas the drop-sleeves result in long sleeves that start from down the shoulder by a few inches. 

The gaining popularity of oversized t-shirts among skaters, rappers and ballers:

Oversized t-shirts for men are often linked with hip-hop culture due to most rappers' way of dressing. It all started in the 1980s-1990s when hip-hop fashion trends were taking the world by storm. Influenced by traditional African-American dressing, Michael Jordan's cover on Sports Illustrated was an iconic moment in hip-hop fashion when he influenced millions of people with baggy t-shirts, baggy shorts, and gold chains. Another legendary celebrity like Tupac also greatly influenced his followers with oversized clothes. His timeless and classic style of wearing bandanas paired with baggy overalls still resonates with many.  

Different Ways to Wear Oversized T-shirts

Oversized t-shirts can easily incorporate different styles, making them the first choice for many. You can pair it with shorts, jeans, joggers or even sweatpants!

Oversized T-shirts with Jeans:

You can effortlessly make a fashion statement when you pair an oversized T-shirt with simple jeans. For accessories, you can pick up a cap and white sneakers, and you're ready to go.

Pair it with shorts:

You can pair your oversized t-shirt with shorts also during summer without tucking it in, or just partially tucking it. If you want a smart, clean look, go for the same colours on top and bottom. For accessories, you can choose sports shoes and a beanie hat. 

T-shirt on a t-shirt:

Take an oversized t-shirt and wear it on top of another t-shirt, this is one of the ways that you can slay your looks. It will not only create an additional layer but also bring definition to your look. 

Use a check shirt:

Another way to add layers to your oversized t-shirt is by using a checkered shirt! It's a simple addition that will upgrade the casual attire into a more semi-formal look. Pair it with skinny jeans and high-top sneakers for a classier look.

Add layers with the Jacket:

You can also use the old and classic denim jacket to add layers to your oversized t-shirt, which will give structure to the entire look. 

Take out that full sleeves t-shirt:

A long-sleeved t-shirt or a shirt under an oversized T-shirt gives off a cool look. A dark-coloured striped t-shirt or shirt will work well for this edgy look. 

Put on a coat or blazer:

You can also layer an oversized t-shirt with a coat or blazer. Add slim-fit jeans or a pair of trousers, and you are ready to look like a fashion model.

How To Wear Oversized T-Shirts For Men

There are a few crucial factors on how to wear oversized t-shirts for men.

  1. Oversized men's t-shirts should be big at the waist, that allows them to be tucked into pants and worn with a belt.
  2. Oversized t-shirts will fall below the mid-thigh when you wear slim jeans or trousers, or just above the knee when you wear shorts.
  3. A good oversized t-shirt does not fit your body like a regular t-shirt and is also not so loose that makes people say, "two of you can fit in that t-shirt."

Collection of Men’s Oversized T-shirts @ KRA

KRA has a wide range of products including top wear, outerwear, and bottom wear. With only one click, trendy styles to match any occasion can be found here. Let's start with top wear, like printed oversized t-shirts for men online on KRA:

Redefining comfort, this Oversized Print Tee is available in white and olive colours. With a graphic print on the back, these oversized tees feature a back & front high-low design with drop shoulders. 

You can pair them with black bottoms like KRA's Super Comfy Black Cargo Pants or Skate Scoot Drip Washed Out Lounge Shorts. Add sneakers and a cool cap, and you're good to go.

The Monochromatic Oversized Print Tee is a good option for stylish yet comfortable wear. You can pair it with Ultimate Drip Olive Cargo Pants

The Kra Crew Oversized Printed Tee is another option available in printed oversized tees which you can pair with black denim jeans or joggers. Baggy tees with Kangaroo pockets

 Minimalist's Baggy Washed Grey Kangaroo Pocket Tee will be an excellent pick if you want to give away a cool and edgy look. This design is available in light olive colour also. Dyed with colours, the Minimalist's Baggy tee features a drop shoulder along with a kangaroo pocket. You can choose to go with the same colour bottom wear like Bro's Super Light Olive Joggers or Summer Essential Olive Woven Shorts to complete the look.

If you want a little variation, you can select the Minimalist's Red Baggy Tee With Kangaroo Pockets, which has a printed design on the pockets. You can pair this with Dope Dunk Relaxed Smoky Blue Lounge Shorts displaying an acid-washed effect with raw edges at the bottom hem. 

This Minimalist baggy tee with Kangaroo pockets is available in navy blue colour also, which you can pair with Ultimate Drip Olive Cargo Pants. It features a badge on the pocket along with a zippered thigh pocket. 

Drop Shoulder tees with Chest Pockets

If you're more into drop shoulder tees, you can easily slay this Dope Drop Shoulder Grey Tee With Chest Pockets. It will help you to make a fashion statement without compromising your comfort. It features chest pockets with a printed design on the sleeves.

Tips to Care for Oversized/Baggy Tshirts to make them last longer:

  1. Follow the care labels suggestion on the t-shirt. 
  2. Do not wash after every wear if possible.  
  3. Wash at low temperatures.
  4. Use mild or eco-friendly powders and detergents.
  5. Store properly.


  • Do oversized t-shirts make you look bigger?

If you do not pay attention to the fit of the t-shirt, it will not only make you look big, but it will also look odd. Buy only two sizes bigger than your regular size t-shirt.

  • Can I wear Oversized tees with jeans?

Yes, you can wear men's oversized tees with jeans or, for that matter, with track pants, trousers or even shorts. 

  • How do you know what size oversized t-shirt to get?

As mentioned above, buy men's oversized tees online two sizes bigger than your regular t-shirt.