Hey Men! It’s Time To Upgrade Your Graphics T-Shirt Game

Hey Men! It’s Time To Upgrade Your Graphics T-Shirt Game

T-shirt, a wardrobe staple, often get less recognition for their versatility. Whether it’s layering or only wearing a T-shirt, it’s more than a simple apparel with minimal impact. Graphic t-shirts have always been a trend, especially now since it screams out loud who we are! Who are you? A humorous guy who loves to joke around? An introverted guy who loves 90’s bands? An ambivert guy who loves to create statements? Well, guess what? You will find exactly what you need or something which reflects who you are with Graphic t-shirts! 

Do you remember how we used to wear simple t-shirts with logos and prints of our favorite bands? Recently, we have seen how Graphic t-shirt has become one of the most discussed topics as the streetwear trends are slowly infiltrating the high-fashion industry. It is maybe because people have finally realized that the reason why, for any occasion, we just wear a graphic T-shirt. It’s not just because it is  comfortable and you can pair it up with almost anything, it is also extremely stylish.

Graphic T-shirts are a part of your whole Identity! 

That’s why it's important to know how to wear t-shirts, even if it is a simple T-shirt with logos and quotes. 

T-shirts, if worn correctly, can make you look top-notch, ready-to-go, and in-line with what’s trending. ! But if not, it might give other people a wrong impression about who you are! 

For example, choosing to wear Graphic T-shirts with funny quotes may not be ideal if you are going to an office. 

So, it’s time to upgrade your Graphic T-Shirt game! In this article, we will discuss how you can style and rock your T-Shirt game! 

1.Slogans: All About What it Says! 

If you’re a tee lover, half of your closet would be filled with T-shirts with quotes and slogans! And we understand why! They are funky, stylish, and relaxed; sometimes, they speak a lot about your identity and what you  believe in! 

If you are the one making jokes in your group, then go for funny slogans. If you are someone who is a band fan, then go for T-shirts which have some famous lyrics or quotes on your clothes! 

Now, there are some styling tips that you can follow to make the best of your graphic T-Shirt! 

  1. If your Graphic T-Shirt is in Black or White color and the slogan covers only a little portion in the front, pair it up with Jeans or Hip-Hop joggers. 
  2. If you want to play a bit more, , pair it up with ripped jeans! 
  3. For shoes, either go for sports shoes or sneakers! 
  4. Read the slogans well before buying the T-Shirt. Avoid offensive quotes or something which might hurt someone else’s sentiments. If you want to wear some funky quotes, then wear them on casual occasions like your friends’ backyard BBQ night or lunch in a retro-Cafe! 

2.Wearing Your Favourite Brand’s Logo 

Before we even jump into this section, one of the foremost rules of wearing a T-shirt is Size and Fit! Always go for T-Shirts that are the right size for your body. It should not be so tight but should show the contours of your body comfortably. This works great if you are a gym buff or someone who has an active lifestyle. But if you are someone who is not sure of your body, then you don’t need graphic T-shirts which are slim-fit. But always go for the right size. The end of the hem should end before the buttocks. Check how the T-shirts fit correctly. 

Now, let’s talk about Logos, Bands, and Prints! 

Put your hands up if you are a 90’s fan! Well, we are! Logo T-Shirt were a rage this decade, and almost everyone wanted one! And how can we ignore this awesome trend with the retro style coming up again? 

Do you like some brands or love what they stand for? Go for graphic T-Shirts with their logo or brand motto! These are such a rage in streetwear fashion! These are perfect for almost everywhere, but we would recommend wearing these for casual events like the weekend Poolside party with your friends! 

How to wear them
  1. Wear them with shorts or cargo pants! Always go for colors lighter than your T-Shirt. Or you can go for contrasting colors! 
  2. For shoes, go for sliders and flip-flops if you are going for a beach vacation. Or, choose sneakers if you plan to walk around the city. 

Band T-Shirts have dominated the wardrobes of music fans and enthusiasts from the 60s and 70s while wearing headphones and carrying the old walkman around! And now, as streetwear fashion is making its way in the high fashion world, we see how Graphic Band T-shirts are now a serious fashion cachet in the hip-hop world. 

Whether you love rock and roll bands of the 20s or 90s, these graphic T-Shirts tell a lot more about who you are and your tastes! Don’t shy away from embracing your funky, rocking side of yours! 

How to wear them? 
  1. Well, for Band T-shirts, you can go for Oversized fits. It should be loose but fits you well. 
  2. Wear them with simple jeans or ripped jeans. 
  3. Stick to monochrome colors. 

Printed graphic T-Shirts are something you need to play carefully! Avoid big prints like you are in Hawaii while sitting for a job interview. Could you imagine the kind of fashion gaffe you would be in that situation? 

Now, go for small prints, like geometric shapes, camo, etc. And go for colors that are either neutral or cool tones. Pair them with denim jackets, bomber jackets, and tapered hip-hop joggers! 

3. Denim and Graphic T-shirt: A match made in Heaven

There is nothing that does not go well with Denim Jackets, especially when we are talking about Graphic T-Shirts! Denim jackets are the symbol of Streetwear fashion! This can make you look funky street-ready in a minute, irrespective of what kind of T-Shirts your wear inside. 

So, why not pair it up with your favorite graphic T-shirt? 

For instance, if you plan to go on a bike trip or just a mountain vacation, you need to layer your clothes! So, to make it Instagram-worthy, get a denim jacket or a shacket! Whether it’s your slogan T-Shirt, Cartoon T-shirt, or graphic T-shirt with a picture, layer it with your denim jacket and a scarf of neutral color! 

Wear sports shoes and sneakers! 

You are ready for your streetwear fashion walk! What? 

The whole world is a stage where you play how you want to! 

4. Blazer Up! 

This trend started in 2015, and we are sure it’s about to stay in the game for another decade! Sounds odd? Well, Ryan Gosling, David Borneaz, and Timothy Chalamet speak otherwise! They have graced many prestigious red carpets in simple graphic T-shirts and layers with a blazer or a coat! 

And why not? For formal but fun events, you need something that is the best of both worlds! Graphic T-Shirts are fun, comfortable, and versatile! They are perfect for casual wear. Now, with blazers, you get that formal look and add so much sophistication that it makes you look dapper and debonair! 

Who knew Blazers could work outside the office presentation and get mixed so well in the streetwear fashion? 

Pair this up with simple jeans pants. You can choose distressed jeans, too. Wear suede and shoes. Avoid any heavy graphic or slogan t-shirts. 

It’s a true sartorial gem of streetwear fashion!

5. Joggers and Boots with Graphic T-Shirt: Delectable! 

If you are someone who loves minimalist looks, or someone who loves fashion but doesn’t love to don accessories, then this is for you! High-fashion runways have inspired this look, and it’s time for us to take one or two leaves from their book in our street fashion journey! 

All you need is hip-hop joggers or joggers with multi-pockets! You can either go for block prints like army prints or block colors! Wear with your favorite boots! And voila! You are street fashion ready! We have celebrities like Johnny Depp, Tobey Maguire, and Drake, to name just a few, who have made these a fashion trend.

The whole outlook makes you look sporty, fun, and dapper! 

You can also wear a Jacket or a shacket! That’s your choice! 

A graphic T-Shirt is your canvas to be who you are! So, play with your Graphic T-shirt collection and be just you! 

That’s what we believe at KRA! 

 Get KRAsified with our funky streetwear collection that’s untethered and unapologetic and adds a definition to who you are!