Ways to Amp Up Your Style with Summer Shorts

Ways to Amp Up Your Style with Summer Shorts

The time has come when we are sifting through our wardrobes to wear something comfortable and breezy as we blaze through the scorching summer ever. Shorts for men are no longer only sportswear. If you wear it right, shorts are perfect for any occasion. Whether it’s sports, a trip to the beach, or even a client meeting (over a video call), you can nail every look in shorts while making yourself feel comfortable. 

Are you questioning if shorts can be a staple summer apparel in your wardrobe this season? Or are you scratching your head that you can’t pull the looks off? 

We can assure you that KRA’s cool range of summer shorts for men is for everyone. And with our personalized tips, we can assure you that you can ace your shorts look even if you're  an amateur who is still experimenting with looks. 

So, let’s break down summer short ideas that you can choose from to step up your fashion game! 

Ways to style shorts like a pro

1. Zoom Zoom Zoooom! 

Most of us are no longer stuck in the tiny cubicles of our office! We are now attending client calls, team-meets from our bedrooms and dining rooms (and sometimes, from the confines of our washroom! Shhhhhhhh!). We have mastered the art of waking up just five minutes before the office calls, including our office wear! We are good to present and ace any meetings with casual bottom wear and formal upper wear. 

And who doesn’t love summer shorts while doing a meeting? This could have been only a dream for a long time, but now, it has come true. You can wear your favorite shorts and be ready for the office through Zoom   (even video calls!). 

Summer Shorts with Printed Shirts 

You can try  summer shorts made of comfortable fabrics that are easily stretchable and have amazing wicking properties. These are perfect for any occasion, especially when you want to have a laid-back lifestyle. 

Complete your look with a printed shirt that come in cool colors like subtle shades of grey, blue, black, and white. Avoid flamboyant and loud colors like Silver, gold, yellow, orange, etc. 

And that’s it! You are ready in less than 5 minutes! 

Summer Shorts with Plain Solid Shirts 

If you don’t like printes shirts, you can choose plain solid shirts. You can also wear solid plain shirts with co-ord shorts or olive-colored shorts if you plan to go out for a casual-formal meeting. 

This look works for a casual outing, like a luncheon with friends and family or walking around the city. 

2. Brunch or Lunch

Well, summer screams for lazy afternoon brunches! When we complain about sweating profusely, we all look for comfort as our priority when choosing our clothes. And what’s more comfortable than a blue or olive colored walking-short made with comfortable cotton fabric to beat the heat? 

But you may wonder how to pair it up to look brunch ready? Whether you are looking to impress your date or have a casual outing with your loved ones, we have got you covered. 

You don’t need to do so much to look iconic. A simple, comfortable, perfect pair of shorts with a nice White T-Shirt can make your look Instagrammable!

Summer shorts with T-Shirts! 

T-shirts are a rage in Men's collections! We have known this trend forever that Polo T-Shirts are not going away anytime soon. There’s nothing more versatile than a simple Polo T-shirt which goes well with almost anything. Whether it’s your beloved chinos or denim jeans, you can always have your faith in the humble Polo T-shirts to give you a fresh look every time.

But do you know the Polo T-shirts look better with Summer Shorts? Yes! You heard us right! 

Choose some light summer colors for your Polo T-Shirt and dark color summer shorts! Voila! You are street-ready for an outing in an exotic resort or just a family picnic! These Polo T-shirts are made of fabric that is utmost comfortable, breathable and absorbs sweat in a second. It cools off your temperature, making you feel like a chilled cucumber! 

Summer Shorts with a Summer Jacket

If you want to expand your fashion horizon, you need to add Summer Jackets to your cart now!

Now, these jackets are perfect for summer vacation looks. If you are planning a trip to a hill station, you need summer jackets! You can pair them up with  shorts. Now, your look is perfect for a long summer trekking session. With so many pockets in the  shorts, you can easily carry some essentials like your wallet. Also, the  jacket can keep you warm if the temperature drops suddenly. 

Summer Shorts with an Open-Style Jacket 

If you plan for a trip to Hawaii or a beach vacation this summer, opt for an Open-Style Jacket. Well, if you wish to, you can even go for a flamboyant look or if you want a low-key vacation, then go for muted colors. Now, pair these Open-Jackets with Pleated shorts or Bermudas. 

Tip: Choose contrasting colors for your whole outfit. For instance, if you choose loud colors for your Open-Style jacket, then go for muted color shorts. Paisley and cool tone colors are a trend of 2022. If you choose a muted neutral tone for your jacket, you can opt for shorts with floral prints or colors that make you stand apart! 

As we said earlier, it’s time to experiment unabashedly to be #KRASIFIED! 

3. Get Ready for Running Errands! Or maybe a Marathon! 

Running a marathon in summer is like a nightmare for many of us! Even getting out to run errands sounds like a task, especially in this blazing summer when we all just want to have Virgin Mojito, Shikanji, and Kala Khatta! 

But guess what, we need to move out even to buy essentials for survival! So, you need to get some cool summer shorts like running shorts, denim shorts, and cycling shorts. Check for breathable, comfortable fabric that doesn’t irritate your skin. 

Now, we have two looks for you for these kinds of situations! 

Summer shorts with Full Sleeve T-Shirts 

If you want to continue your active lifestyle but still want to look street-wear ready, especially for summer, this is the look for you! 

Summer Shorts with Singlets

If you want to run errands, this is the look for you!  These comfortable stylish singlets by Kra can be the right pick, 

Also, these looks are perfect for summer vacation or just simple drive-through suburbs or village lanes in Goa and Udupi! 


Summer fashion has its own set of rules! And no matter how much the day's temperature goes up, KRA has a lot of apparel to offer which are perfect for the season! Well, now you can start adding different types of summer shorts to your cart! Remember one thing, if you are even in a situation where you have doubts about what to wear, then choosing classic colors such as blue and olive with a solid plain t-shirt would always work! 

You are now Summer Ready!